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Contact Aztec Supply at (714) 771-6580

Need more factory or warehouse space?

Mezzanine Installation

A practical, cost-effective solution that doubles or even triple your existing space without incurring new construction cost.

Modular Office Design

Prefabricated modular office designs provide rapid low-cost options, sound reduction, and a cleaner environment to your growing office requirements.

Security Lockers

Wire partitions, cages, and lockers in a variety of colors. They are an inexpensive way to protect your tools and products without interfering with air circulation and lights.



Here are a few mezzanines, modular office and wire locker projects for companies large and small.


Contact Aztec Supply at (714) 771-6580


40 Years and 3 Generations of Experience.
In the early 1970s, Aztec was founded to supply services and products to commercial and industrial communities of Southern California. Founders Eric Berge and Jim Darwin were engineers and contractors that decided to concentrate on increasing the effectiveness of warehousing for storage, manufacturing, and distribution. Aztec Supply's products include mezzanines, modular enclosures, racks, shelving, security enclosures, and even pneumatic tube systems.
Aztec strives to provide VALUE ADDED design, fabrication and installation of mezzanines, modular offices, wire partitions, and many other products. We start with analyzing the existing operation, and then, with the input of the customer, developing a solution that enhances the available space and operation efficiency.
Aztec has the credentials to back up our work. We hold general contractor's licenses, rack installation licenses, LA certified welder's licenses, pneumatic tube system licenses, metal structure fabrication, and design licenses. If that weren't enough, we have support for structural design certification, sprinkler installation and certification, electrical design and installation, HVAC design and installation, and for permitting capabilities in all cities and counties of Southern California.
Aztec has installed thousands of projects ranging from simple pallet racks to multi-million dollar projects from aerospace, education facilities, entertainment facilities, and military facilities.
Aztec is now in its third generation as a privately owned, privately financed, continuously profitable company. We have never had any type of lawsuit or problem that was not satisfactorily resolved. Our past customers are our best customers.

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