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Aztec offers a full range of services to help you complete your project from start to finish. Our team of dedicated experts can help to streamline your production, eliminate confusion, and minimize downtime. Our process is easy, and we even help to secure the proper permits in place so you can avoid any delays or interruptions. Aztec has completed thousands of projects just like yours on time, and on budget with great success.

Experience hassle-free and swift startup with our full turnkey installations. We also offer modification and relocation services for existing installations, maximizing your space's potential. Our professionals can design and engineer every aspect of your project from products to installation. Get back to business quickly and improve efficiently by trusting Aztec to complete your project and all the details that come with it. Our design, production, and installation of mezzanines, modular offices, pallet racks, wire partitions, and lockers will optimize your space and business unlike any other investment can. We will also handle the design and engineering of your footings, electrical, sprinklers, high piles and more.


We make it easy to move forward from day 1 when you decide to work with Aztec. Give us a call to get started and have your specific questions answered. Once we understand the overall scope of your project, we can set up a plan to include the processes you need. If you have already begun your project, we can take a look at your current plans and permits and work from there. If you are starting from scratch. We can help you get the designs and permits you need to start and complete your project. Here is the Aztec process:

  • Call us with your general project scope
  • Schedule visit / or provide drawings
  • Onsite measuring by our team
  • BCAD on approved drawings
  • Pricing / Quote
  • Quote acceptance & agreement
  • Aztec performs second measuring service for accuracy
  • Determine permit status
  • Obtain permits if needed
  • Begin project once permits are in place


If you need Aztec to handle the permitting process for you, then we will do so before beginning your project. Our team of experts can help to get you the proper permits needed quickly and securely. Having the right permits in place before beginning your project is essential. Aztec will get your permits handled in 5 steps:

  1. Take accurate measurements and design your project scope
  2. Connect with our partners that are foundation engineers and structural engineers
  3. Get official plans drawn up for your project
  4. Submit to city for approval
  5. Obtain approval & begin production

Design & Engineering

Our team of highly experienced and knowledgeable engineers can provide top-quality design and engineering solutions that are tailored to meet your unique needs. From concept to completion, we work collaboratively with our clients to ensure an outcome that exceeds expectations. We offer a wide range of services including CAD drafting, 2D and 3D modeling, structural engineering, and much more. Our commitment to quality, precision and affordability make us a leading provider in the industry. Choose Aztecā€™s design and engineering services for your next project and watch your vision come to life.

No installation is complete without the supply of fire sprinklers, electrical, foundation work, and footings. Aztec offers additional services providing everything necessary to complete the project start to finish. Whether you are investing in mezzanines for your warehouse, modular offices for your team, pallet racks for storage, or lockers for you garage, we can help make sure you have the permits you need, and the detailed designs to ensure safety and lasting functionality. What we offer:

  • Engineering and permit processing for all of our products
  • Footings design and engineering for all of our products
  • Sprinkler design and engineering for all of our products
  • Electrical design and engineering for all of our products
  • High pile engineering for pallet racking

Ready To Get Started?

Getting started is easy with Aztec. Give us a call today and tell us about your project. We will develop an outline, and schedule a time for measuring at your location. We will then start your general design, and give you a quote. Once approved, we come out for a second measuring service for accuracy, and then determine which permits are needed. We obtain necessary permits, and begin your project. Because we supply your products, our lead times are very competitive. For a more accurate production lead time, get your quote today! Call 714-771-6580 or contact us here to get started.